Monday, March 4

DIY: Rose Gold Eyeshadow

I've seen quite a few people wearing rose gold eyeshadow, and I always thought it looked really pretty! I had a look in boots and they didn't really seem to have an awful lot in that colour. Then this idea came to me. I realised I shouldn't buy one... If I could create one! Basically, this look is created by layering two other shadows. I used maybelline color tatto in eternal gold, but you can use any gold (preferably cream shadow) and jack wills intense shadow in powder pink (but any pink shadow will work) put quite a lot of gold on, with a sheer-er (word?) layer of pink. You can add more pink or gold until you get the effect you would like.


  1. Such a good idea an the results are super pretty! ^_^ xx

  2. This is a great idea! The results look so pretty. Love this post and your blog.

    Helena @

  3. Thanks, glad you like it :)

  4. This is such a good idea and the colour is stunning! I also really like the way you showed us in the sum ;) xxx

  5. Fantastic idea!!! The result of those two colours mixed together is gorgeous, and I'm definitely going to try this tip! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. I loved the pic of your hand-sum :Dxxx


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